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Guide to Cabo San Lucas Golf: Cabo del Sol Ocean Course

Cabo San Lucas features more than a dozen scenic golf courses along the coast, making your golf vacation both exciting and challenging. However, these courses offer so much more, such as stunning ocean views, viewing grey whales in the winter, or first-class dining right on the course.

If you’re looking to experience a premier golf vacation, Cabo del Sol Ocean Course has it all. Located along the Sea of Cortez for over a mile near the Pacific Ocean, seven of the championship holes are right by the ocean, allowing you the chance to sneak a peek at a grey whale.

Jack Nicklaus Signature Designs provided the layout for the 7,000-yard, 72 par course, created in 1994. It’s been deemed the Top 100 Courses in the World by many golf magazines, including Golf Magazine and Golf Digest. In fact, Nicklaus has stated, “that these three finishing holes are the finest,” in championship courses. Since then, he’s perfected his course even more.

In 2010 and 2011, Nicklaus revised the back to back par threes at holes six and seven, as well as changing hole five again. Nicklaus decided to take advantage of the course’s prime location to the ocean, making it more fun and exciting for golfers like you. The fifth hole is now closer the crashing waves, while the sixth hole is now on greenery on a rock above the Pacific Ocean. You’ll now be playing directly into the ocean, and the tidal pool, wraps around the greenery, entrapping it. It’s now so much more challenging with the water hazard as well as added sand traps.

The new seventh hole is as beautiful and challenging as the last three holes of the course. Using a 9-iron, you’ll putt a shot through a set of five trees along a sandy beach into partially obscured green along a sand dune. ┬áThese newer holes will thrill both golf enthusiasts and casual golfers.


A Day at the Course

Once you decide to spend the day at Cabo del Sol Ocean Course, schedule a tee time. Rates are discounted after 10:30 am and even further after 2:30 pm. Often, it’s nice to play a round first thing in the morning or later in the evening so you can see the colorful sunrise or sunset over the ocean.

In addition to the course, the golf shop and the clubhouse is open all day, offering first rate equipment and the finest Mexican cuisine. You’ll find complimentary coffee in the mornings along with a full breakfast menu, but what they’re truly known for is their authentic beef, chicken at shrimp tacos offered after you finish the ninth hole. They also have full-service beer cart along the course, serving high quality choices like Johnny Walker Gold.

If you’re planning an upcoming golf vacation, put this stellar golf course on your list to check out. If you need any help planning your vacation, contact us at LuxLife Vacations and we will be happy to assist you.