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Cabo San Lucas Ocean Yachts: Tips for Navigating your Excursion

Recently, ocean yachts have become an increasingly lauded attraction amongst vacationers in Cabo San Lucas. The gorgeous Sea of Cortez beckons travelers to troll its waters and venture out on its pristine waves. With the various swimming restrictions on the beaches along Cabo’s shore, ocean yachts provide almost unrivaled access to ocean-goers keen for some marine exploration. Because of growing demand, business for companies chartering ocean yachts has boomed, and there are now plenty of options when it comes to choosing one that will accommodate your particular interests and preferences.

However, in order to make an informed choice, you need to determine what activities provided by chartered ocean yachts most interest you and your party. You might want to fish, swim, kayak, snorkel, scuba, sightsee, relax, or do some combination of whichever ones you’d like. Below are a few recommended locations for various activities that will hopefully direct you in navigating your excursion.

Deep Sea Fishing
Before it became the vacation destination it is today, Los Cabos was founded as fishing community. They city remains true to its origins, and to this day stands as one of the premier places for incredible fishing. Situated along a migratory route at the convergence of two oceans, the waters off Cabo are rife with unique sea life. Setting out towards deeper waters gives fishers a chance to haul in one of the regions famed marlin. But whether or not you make the big catch, fishing from one of Cabo’s ocean yachts provides a truly unforgettable experience.
Snorkeling at Santa Maria
For those willing to set sail early, the waters off of Santa Maria Beach after sunrise absolutely teem with life, making it the ideal location for snorkeling. Sea turtles, a myriad of colorful fish, octopus, and eels are just some of the aquatic critters that call the cove home. The recommendation to get there early is due to Santa Maria Beach’s popularity as an anchoring spot for party boats and catamarans later in the day, which tends to send the sea life into hiding. Yet, if you’re the type inclined to both snorkel and kick back, then this area will likely serve as the ideal place to visit aboard your chartered yacht.

Kayak Along Loreto
Loreto is a smaller town near Cabo known for both its quaintness and breathtaking natural beauty. Sailing to Loreto provides a break from the hustle and bustle of Cabo proper with its placid, yet adventure-ready environment. You can do it all hear: scuba-dive, fish, swim, catch some rays, or even disembark to hike on shore or tour the town itself. Kayaking here is highly recommended as it gives you the closest contact with this intimate setting, and potentially allows you the opportunity to experience a little of everything Loreto offers.

Sail the Espiritu Island Chain
For the boldest of sea-going vacationers in Cabo, visiting the Espiritu Island is a yachting adventure to consider. Located off La Paz, the journey to Espiritu Island takes 24-hours, requiring some serious seafaring dedication. Nevertheless, the effort required will undoubtedly prove worthwhile upon witnessing the unparalleled biodiversity around the islands, as well as relics of ancient Mexican civilizations. Those interested in ocean yachts undertaking this expedition need a firm resolve, but witnessing this site first hand is an extraordinary opportunity.
Hopefully these suggested locales help you navigate the best route towards charting the ideal ocean yacht excursion for you and yours. Remember to request estimates as you research in order to find trips providing the most value. For expert guidance, contact the representatives of LuxLife Vacations with any inquiries concerning ocean yachts and your upcoming vacation.