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Cabo, Cancun, Cozumel Mexico: Where to Vacation

Everyone loves a good beach vacation; especially one that takes place on a beach in Mexico. If you are considering a Mexico beach vacation you are probably wondering which of the many beaches is your best choice, from Cabo to Cancun to Cozumel Mexico. These comparisons should help you decide.

Beaches & Views
Located at the base of the Baja, laying on the beach in Cabo will provide you with a truly spectacular view in the midst of 2,000 miles worth of beautiful coastline.
While Cancun has a similar location the views are not nearly as stunning as the views in Cabo, which is home to the unique rock formation, El Arco. The peninsula where you will find Cancun is short, flat, and doesn’t provide much of a view compared to the ones you’ll find in Cabo.
Even better, in Cabo you will experience the gentle waves of the Sea of Cortez as well as the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean. To go for a swim, you are better off in the gentle waters of the Sea of Cortez, as the Pacific Ocean can be too rough to swim in safely.

Unlike Cozumel Mexico, Cabo provides some of the most luxurious vacation accommodations anywhere. Another perk of visiting Cabo as opposed to Cozumel Mexico is that you have the option to select from luxurious, boutique, low rise Cabo resorts that are far enough away from other hotels to give you peace and quiet without being so far away that you feel isolated. Most of these resorts are still only minutes from downtown Cabo, but they feel like their own slice of paradise.

Visiting Cabo is great for everything it has to offer, but it is also great because you can easily take convenient day trips from Cabo San Lucas. If you want to experience the best nightlife in Mexico you will want to head to downtown Cabo. Traveling around Cabo is easy because a quick cab ride will take you right into the heart of the city where you have countless entertainment and dining options available to you.
If taking a cruise to Cabo is your cup of tea you’ll be happy to know that many major cruise ship lines make Cabo a port. If you have your heart set on a cruise to Mexico you should know that you won’t really have any options for visiting Cancun that way, In general, the closest the cruises ships get to Cancun is still one hour away from the city.
You should also know that Cozumel Mexico is a much smaller town than Cabo or Cancun. You will have limited vacation options if you choose Cozumel. And since many large cruise ships often dock at Cozumel you will find that the town will likely be so packed that you really won’t be able to relax and enjoy yourself the way you should be able to. Another concern is that the water in Cozumel is not very conducive to swimming and other activities. Since so many cruise ships dock there the water has become very undesirable and you are best off staying away from it.

Because of where it is located, Cozumel sees a lot more rain than Cabo does so planning your dream beach vacation in Cozumel could result in days spent in your hotel room waiting for the rain to stop. Of all the beaches in Mexico, Cabo is the one that sees the least amount of rain. Though keep in mind, this is because Cabo is near the desert. So if you are looking for some hot weather to make your beach vacation better, Cabo should be your destination of choice.
While all the various destinations throughout Mexico have a lot to offer you none offer more than Cabo does.
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