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4 Things to Love About San Jose del Cabo Mexico

If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, there are many decisions to make. What cities should you visit?
What Cabo hotel should you stay in? Which beaches have the best views? There are so many options to choose from when creating your ideal Cabo itinerary. Depending on what you want your vacation to be like, your choices can be narrowed down easily. If you’re looking for a vacation full of excitement, adventure, and nightlife, you’ll love the bustle of Cabo San Lucas. With its popular beaches and hottest bars, every night is a guaranteed adventure. However, just 20 miles away lies Cabo San Lucas’s twin sister city, San Jose del Cabo. This quaint town is perfect for a charming, authentic Mexican atmosphere. Even if you just want to spend one day engulfed in peace, tradition, and history, San Jose del Cabo Mexico is just the place you’re looking for. Here are some of the reasons we adore this gorgeous Mexican town:

Art Walk

Take a stroll down the San Jose del Cabo Art District for a night of wine sipping, art viewing, and decadent dining. Every Thursday night between November and June, many high-end fine art galleries open their doors for guests to stroll in and out of each unique, exciting gallery. Visit each of the 16 different galleries, showcasing the artwork of Mexican and international artists in a variety of media. Sometimes the artists may even be in attendance.

Puerto Los Cabos Golf Courses
This premier golf club includes spectacular scenery at every hole, dramatic elevation changes, and signature design from golf masters. Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman each designed 9 holes of the course, combined to create an 18-hole golf excursion that shows off two different design philosophies. The gorgeous view and challenging course make Puerto Los Cabos Golf a thrilling experience.

Mission of San Jose del Cabo Church
The Mission of San Jose is a picturesque Catholic church. It is an ideal opportunity for tourists to appreciate the architecture and beauty of Mexican history and religion. On Sundays at noon, the church holds a bilingual mass, making it a great place to celebrate mass with locals and other travelers.

Sea Turtle Release
Each year from the end of summer through the fall, five species of sea turtles journey to Los Cabos beaches to lay their eggs in the sand. Many Sea Turtle Watch and Rescue Sites are set up all along the beaches to preserve and protect this wildlife ritual. Eco-tours and special programs allow guests to help in the conservation effort by letting them “adopt” a baby sea turtle and help it get back to the ocean. Releasing the baby turtles and watching them all make a mad dash for the Pacific is a beautiful and truly rewarding experience, especially great for kids.
San Jose del Cabo offers visitors a wide array of activities from adventure tours to leisurely shopping. Even strolling around the main square is a fantastic side-trip full of history and attraction. With the tranquil scenery and charming antiquity, San Jose is an alluring contrast to the action-filled Cabo San Lucas. Interested in a trip to San Jose del Cabo? with us today!