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3 Of The Best Beaches In Cabo!

Imagine your idea of paradise. Whether this means sipping a chilled margarita under a palm tree or plunging to the depths of the ocean, you can find your idea of paradise in Cabo San Lucas. With some of the best beaches in the world, the beautiful peninsula is sure to take your breath away. While there are many to choose from, none of which will disappoint, there are a few must visits. Here are 3 of the best beaches in Mexico.

Cabo San Lucas vs Cozmel
Cerritos Beach
Voted the best beach in Cabo and consistently noted in Surfer Magazine, Cerritos is a world class beach surrounded with natural beauty and culture. Just 30 minutes north of Cabo, Cerritos in the only swimmable beach on the Pacific side of Baja. Surfing lessons as well as board rentals are available for the adventurous beach goers. Those looking to relax can take in Cerritos unexplainable rock formations, colorful deserts, and frequent whale sightings. On your way to Cerritos, make sure to stop at Art & Beer for a unique experience where you can enjoy a cold beer, or the local favorite beer-style cocktail, michelada. The owners are hospitable and welcoming, making the start to your day in Cerritos incomparable.

Santa Maria Beach
Snorkelers looking for the best waters in Cabo should look no further than Santa Maria! This beautiful protected cove and horseshoe shaped beach has friendly, colorful tropical fish, with great underwater visibility. With no facilities on the beach aside from a few beach vendors and snorkeling and scuba charter boats, Santa Maria is perfect for relaxation as well. This truly pristine white-sand beach is relatively secluded and consistently clean and clear. Breathe in, breathe out, and relax. This is how nature intended a beach to be.

Chileno Beach
This local favorite is perfect for vacationers of all interests and ages. Home to shallow, warmer waters, Chileno is ideal for casual swimming and relaxing in the water. Tide pools are perfect for families and their children. Chileno is also home to an amazing reef, making it an incredible snorkeling and scuba diving location. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a cold drink under the shade or submerge yourself to some of the most vibrant and abundant reef life in the area, Chileno is a must on the Cabo beach list.
Cabo’s beaches are not to be missed. We assure you after a trip to the peninsula, and these 3 beaches in particular, you will never look at any other beaches in the same way. Paradise can change your life, and that change will happen in Cabo.