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3 Best Family Beach Vacations to Take

The beach vacation is a staple vacation every family needs to take. They’re as relaxing as they are exciting and adventure-filled, making them perfectly customizable for every family. If your family is in need of a getaway, keep these family beach vacations

Sanibel Island–Voted #4 in U.S. beaches for travel.

Located in the Gulf, this beach is covered in beautiful seashells and sand dollars. If you’re traveling with younger children, they’ll love scouting the sand for these special gems. October and November are the best months for shelling. The gulf waters are usually warm, but if you go in these months it may not be as warm as you’d hoped. Still, this beach is relaxing and low-key making it perfect for younger children and adults who are looking for a calm vacation. Luckily, there are also other things to do in Sanibel off the beach. There are plenty of galleries, restaurants, and shops to explore if the shore gets too chilly, and there’s plenty of delicious seafood available to warm you up.


Fort Lauderdale — Here’s another Florida beach worth visiting.

Located on the far East Coast of the U.S., you’ll find much of what you’d expect at a typical Florida beach, but without the overwhelming crowds. Palm tree scattered beaches, waterways and canals, shopping and water-front Caribbean dining make up much of what Fort Lauderdale beaches are all about. For a relaxing day on the sand, you can also rent chairs and umbrellas for the day to bring onto the beach.


Los Cabos– This beach destination isn’t just your typical beach vacation.

It’s an unforgettable, international excursion for the entire family. Whether you’re traveling with young ones or older children, there are a variety of activities to do and see. Plus, getting to experience a new and vibrant culture is an experience that should never be passed up.

There are multiple adventurous and exciting activities to try while on the beach. You can all go snorkeling together, plan an afternoon scuba diving, go out for a sail, go whale watching, parasail along the shore, kayak to the beautiful Lover’s Beach and so much more! Not all of the beaches in Cabo San Lucas are swimmable, this mainly applies to the ones on the Pacific side. If you’re feeling up for a swim, stick to Medano Beach–Cabo’s most swimmable beach. For snorkeling, try Lover’s Beach, Santa Maria, or Chileno. And for surfing, test out the waves at Zippers.

If swimming just isn’t your idea of a good time, you can still enjoy the beach by going ATV riding, horseback riding, or even sunbathing along the shore. In between all of the excitement, stop at a beach-side bar in Cabo, like Baja Cantina, or The Office for a bite to eat with the sound of waves crashing in the background.

If these activities catch your eye, start planning your beach vacation today!